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Our Volunteer Team

  • Danielle Barry-Gass, Co-chair
  • Edwin Kuo, Co-chair

  • Sharon AvRutick
  • Perdeep Bhui
  • Lynda Shenkman Curtis
  • Andrea Garbarini
  • ​Pat January
  • Helen Meurer
  • Virginia Pancotti
  • Dan Turner
  • Kim Turner

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Mission Statement

About Us

  • To increase the use of Pleasantville's current recycling and sustainability programs through better community education
  • To enhance our current programs
  • To identify and develop new programs and systems to reduce, re-use and recycle

We are a group of Pleasantville residents eager to improve and expand recycling and sustainability in our community. We meet once a month to discuss and assess existing and future initiatives in Pleasantville and beyond. We share information through public events, our website, email newsletter, and our Facebook page. We also advocate for new and enhanced programs to reduce, re-use, and recycle.