​​How To Recycle (Almost) Everything

Decreasing the amount of trash we generate is the right thing to do for the environment, and it saves money for the village (we pay per pound to dispose of our trash). However, not everything can be recycled. Recycling something that isn't actually recyclable ("wishcycling") can do a lot of harm by contaminating a batch of recycling or damaging recycling machinery.

Please check our additional pages of resources before throwing anything into the trash.

Use our extensive A-Z Recycling Guide pages for ways on how to recycle (almost) everything:

Recycling Guide A-C      |     Recycling Guide D-K      |     Recycling Guide L-R     |     Recycling Guide S-Z


Many items can be reused and recycled through the the Village of Pleasantville's recycling program, Westchester County, or private vendors and charities. 

Someone else can use your old "junk." Many items can be given away or sold through:

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