YES! Cartons are Recyclable!

NOW!   The Village of Pleasantville accepts cartons for recycling! The last drop of milk, juice or soup does not mark the end of a carton’s useful life. Made mainly from high-quality paper, cartons are easily recyclable and in high demand by manufacturers of recycled products.

HOW?  Simply place your cartons in your recycling bin with your plastic, metal and glass containers.

WOW! After cartons are collected curbside, they are taken to a materials recycling facility to be sorted and baled. The bales of recycled cartons are then shipped to paper mills, where cartons are mixed with water in a gigantic blender to extract all the paper fiber. These recycled carton paper fibers are a valuable resource for making products such as recycled paper products and even building materials.

How and what to recycle in Pleasantville.


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