Packaging Material, Paint (Oil & Latex), Pallets, Paper, Pesticides, Pet Supplies, Pillows, Phone Books, Photo Chemicals, Pizza Boxes, Plastic Bags, Plastics #1-#7, Printer Cartridges, Propane Tanks

Packaging Material
Styrofoam peanuts, shredded paper, and bubble wrap can be taken to UPS stores.
See also TYVEK Envelopes

Paint (Oil & Latex)
To dispose cans with paint: Use kitty litter or paint hardener such as Speedy-Dri that can dry a gallon of latex paint in minutes ( Available at Berger Hardware in Hawthorne, (914) 769-2400)). Harden paint until no liquid remains. Put them out next to the garbage with the lid off.
To dispose empty paint cans: Put them out next to the garbage with the lid off. Do not include the empty can with your recyclables.

There are a lot of do-it-yourself ideas out there for reusing wood from pallets. Please keep in mind that pallets are not necessarily free of toxins, so do your research. Here's one article on the subject. 

Curbside pickup on Thursdays. Newspapers, glossy inserts, phone books, magazines, junk mail, brown paper bags, gray cardboard, catalogs, computer paper, phone books, and corrugated cardboard boxes. NO waxed cardboard* (milk and juice cartons), cardboard with food residue, or books. In brown paper bags, loose in a container, or in corrugated boxes, NOT bundled or in plastic bags. (*Please place your cartons in your recycling bin with your plastic, metal and glass containers.)

Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

Pet Supplies

  • Adopt-a-Dog.org accepts wire dog crates, airline kennels, dog and cat beds and toys. Linens in any condition (sheets, towels, comforters, blankets), balls (basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls). 
  • SPCA of Westchester (Briarcliff) — please check their wishlist. They have a collection bin in front of building for access during normal business hours. Hours: Mon–Sat 10:00–4:00, Sundays 1:00–4:00, 914-941-2896.

Phone Books
See PAPER above

Photo Chemicals
Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

Pillows, Blankets, Towels
Fivecat Studio, 48 Wheeler Ave, (914) 747-1177, runs a drive every holiday season. Donations go to local animal shelters.
Animal shelters are usually happy to receive these items. See PET SUPPLIES above. See also LINENS above.

Pizza Boxes
Recycle clean box and paper portion only. Pizza boxes and paper in the box that are tarnished with food or stained with grease are NOT recyclable.  Contaminated cardboard and papers could ruin an entire recycling batch! Cut or tear out the soiled portions of your pizza boxes and trash them. For more in depth info read the article "The Pizza Box Recycling Mystery" by Recyclebank.

Plastic Bags

  • "Type 2" and "Type 4" plastic bags can be recycled (the type of plastic is sometimes printed on the bag). These include: grocery and produce bags, newspaper bags, bread bags, dry cleaning film, toilet paper and paper towels packaging, retail bags with hard plastic and string handles removed, clean food storage and sandwich bags, bags with sealed air used for packaging 
  • Large retailers that distribute plastic bags (supermarkets, chain stores) are required to recycle them.

Plastic Containers #1 through #7
Curbside pick-up on Fridays. Place in recycling bin with cans and glass. Labels do not need to be removed, but containers should be rinsed
Plastic containers that held potentially hazardous materials should not be included, but discarded with the trash.
Do not include in the bin: plastic bags, vinyl, hazardous material containers, hard plastic toys, styrofoam, or 5-gallon pails, regardless of the recycling number listed on them.

Printer/Copier Cartridges
Several free online services accept empty laser toner and inkjet cartridges (and some even offer payment for them):  Recycle4Charity, Advantage Cartridge, TonerBuyer, and more

  • Kits are available that allow you to refill your own toner cartridges. This makes recycling toner cartridges very convenient and inexpensive
  • Consider purchasing remanufactured (recycled) cartridges
  • Bring in any empty ink or toner cartridge to Staples and receive $2 worth of Staples Rewards
  • Many manufacturers offer free shipping on empty cartridges. Check HP, Epson, etc.

Propane Tanks

  • Make sure residual gas is burned off through proper use of the grill prior to transport or disposal. Even if it seems empty, make sure the tank is sealed with a plastic cap before transit to prevent injury.
  • Exchange your empty tank for a filled one or consider giving it to a neighbor or a friend to use.​
  • Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.



Oil Filters​

​Drain oil from filter. This should be done in an area where the temperature is higher than 60° F. Oil drains more easily and thoroughly at warmer temperatures. Drained filters should then be wrapped in newspaper and disposed of in the garbage.

Magazines, Medications, Medical Equipment, Metal, Metal-Jewelry & Furniture Polish, Miscellaneous, Motor Oil

Magazines (Recent, up to 1 month old)
Donate to Phelps Hospital (recent—up to 1 month old — but Time & Newsweek only 1 week old (Pam Cardoza, 366-3170)

Expired and unused prescription and over-the-counter pills, liquids, ointments and lotions should be disposed of properly. The 2014 National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, sponsored by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, is April 26.

A permanent prescription drug take-back container is located at the Pleasantville Police Station. No questions asked.
Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla first Tuesday of each month only. Prescription or over-the-counter medications must be in the original bottle or container.

Medical Equipment
Canes, walkers, shower stools, etc., as well as many basic living supplies are for babies and adults are accepted by AFYA Foundation, an organization that collects and sends them to Haiti and Africa.

Metal, products containing a lot of metal (tools, pots and pans, etc), and bulk metal (washing machines, stoves, hot water heaters, lawn mowers, ironing boards, etc.) are accepted at the Pleasantville Recycling Center, 1 Village Lane, on Saturdays, 9:00–3:00

Metal-Jewelry & Furniture Polish
Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

Metal Cans
Weekly village curbside pick-up on Fridays. Place in recycling bin with plastics, metals, and glass. All aluminum and other food/beverage containers, aerosol cans. Labels do not need to be removed, but containers should be rinsed. NO siding, paint cans, scrap metal, wire, pipes, motors, sheet metal, hazardous materials, car parts, small appliances


  • Using The Freecycle Network is a great way to find someone who will be happy to take almost anything you have to give away.
  • Pleasantville Presbyterian Church (769-0458) collects Campbell's Soup labels, cancelled stamps, 2012 wall calendars, and almost anything in good, salable condition for rummage sale.
  • St. John's Episcopal Church has a rummage sale in the spring, usually in June. They collect almost anything in good, salable condition except electrical items and electronics, starting in Jan.
  • Great Beginnings Preschool: preschool toys and books in good condition, stickers and picture address labels, plastic playground structures (call Ruth, 773-0414)
  • Pleasant Hill Nursery School: toys, books, craft material, and outside riding toys from registrant families and church members only (call Roslyn, 769-3418)

Motor Oil
Drain oil into a clean unbreakable plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Do not mix oil with any other fluid. Take it to a service station or to a retail outlet that sells motor oil. State law requires most service stations and retailers to accept up to five gallons of motor oil per person per day free of charge.

License Plates, Light Bulbs, Linens

License Plates
Recycle your old plates when you replace them. Use a permanent ink marker to cross out the plate number or otherwise deface the plates. Put them in the commingled recycling bin (with plastics 1 & 2, metal, and glass).

Light Bulbs
Regular light bulbs should be discarded in the trash.

Accepted by many of the same places that take CLOTHING, SHOES, AND ACCESSORIES and PET SUPPLIES.

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Air conditioners, appliances, and fridges can be brought to the Recycling Center on Village Lane on Saturdays, 9am–3pm. Remove doors.