Cans (Food & Beverages), Cars, Car Tires, Cardboard, Carpet, Cassettes, Cell Phones, Christmas Items, Clothing, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs), Computers, Construction Material, Copier Cartridges, Corrugated Cardboard

Cans (food & beverage)
Curbside pick-up on Fridays.

  • Place in recycling bin with plastics, metals, and glass.
  • All aluminum and other food/beverage containers, aerosol cans
  • Labels do not need to be removed, but containers should be rinsed.
  • NO siding, paint cans, scrap metal, wire, pipes, motors, sheet metal, hazardous materials, car parts, small appliances

Cars, Trucks, Boats

  • Many charities will accept used vehicles of all sorts. For example, Wheels For Wishes benefiting Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley (1-855-881-9474) benefits local kids. They tow away, auction off, or recycle old cars free of charge and proceeds go to Make-A-Wish.
  • Contact your favorite charity directly for information.

Car Tires
Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

Cardboard and Paper
Curbside pick-up on Thursday.
Include: newspapers, glossy inserts, phone books, magazines, junk mail, brown paper bags, gray cardboard, and corrugated cardboard boxes.
Do not include: waxed cardboard (milk and juice cartons), cardboard with food residue, or books. 

Long Island Carpet Recycling Services has an office in Ronkonkoma, LI.(1-844-5500).

(Milk, Juice, Soup, etc)

Made mainly from high-quality paper, cartons are easily recyclable and in high demand by manufacturers of recycled products. Simply place your cartons in your recycling bin with your plastic, metal and glass containers.

Cell Phones

It is illegal to throw cell phones in the garbage. There are many ways to recycle them. Note: Erase your cell phone data from a phone before recycling it!

  • In New York, wireless telephone service suppliers are required to accept obsolete and retired cell phones at no charge to the consumer. Check with the company you use. Check the manufacturers website for recycling options (mail/dropoff).
  • Donate phones to charity: March of Dimes or Cell Phones for Soldiers, or Verizon's Hopeline.
  • Some phones can be sold at Gazelle or Usell and other websites.
  • Find municipal drop boxes.

Christmas Items
St. John's Episcopal Church collects Christmas items (and toys and household items in very good condition only) during last 2 weeks of November
Christmas Light Source recycles old Christmas tree lights and uses the proceeds to buy books for children

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Local churches need clothing, shoes, and new sample-sized toiletries to distribute to the in New York City on "Midnight Runs." Collections are intermittent. Call for info:

  • Emmanuel Lutheran Church (769-1559)
  • Holy Innocents Catholic Church (769-0025)
  • Pleasantville Presbyterian Church (769-0458)


  • Bring to a Goodwill store, but check for exceptions.
  • Arrange pickup with: Big Brothers Big Sisters (963-4453), Vietnam Vets of America (800-775-8387), Lupus Foundation of America (888-445-8787), United War Veterans Council (1.888.821.8982). 
  • Clothing is also a popular item at church rummage sales.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)

  • Drop-off at all Home Depot (Home Depot,1 Saw Mill River Road, Hawthorne, NY 10532, (914) 593-7110) and Lowe's stores accept intact CFLs free of charge with no purchase necessary.
  • Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.
  • For more details on why and how to buy and recycle CFL bulbs, visit environment.westchestergov.com.

Return your computer to Staples. Staples offers trade-in options for some items and accepts many more electronic items for recycling - please check Staples' website for a complete list and exceptions.
Recycle via Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey - Dell Reconnect Donation Sites:

  • 380 North Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY 10523, (914) 347-4376
  • 440 S Riverside Ave, Croton-on-hudson, NY 10520, (914) 827-9311


Construction Materials

Copier Cartridges

Corrugated Cardboard
Curbside pickup on Thursdays. Bundled brown corrugated cardboard containers and boxes. NO tape, plastic, or other contaminants.

Old, broken crayons can be recycled into fresh, new crayons. Don't remove the wrappers. Info at 1-800-561-0922 or Crazy Crayons.

Recycling Guide: A-C

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Aerosol Cans, Air Conditioners, Aluminium Foil | Trays | Siding, Appliances, Athletic Shoes, Audio Tapes, Automotive Fluids

Aerosol Cans
Curbside pick-up on Fridays. Place in recycling bin with plastics, metals, and glass.

Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Freezers, and Refrigerators (Freon)

  • Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.
  • Westchester Junkluggers will remove appliances and more. They recycle or donate as much as possible.
  • Based on eligibility, the Con Edison Green Team can help you recycle your freezer or old, working second refrigerator. They pick it up, recycle it for free and pay you $50. Plus, air conditioners will be picked up along with a freezer or second refrigerator. For more info call 1-877-870-6118.

Aluminium Foil and Trays
Curbside pick-up on Fridays. Rinse and place in recycling bin with plastics, metals, and glass.

Aluminium Siding
Bring to Pleasantville Recycling Center on Village Lane on Saturdays, 9am–3pm.


  • Bring to Pleasantville Recycling Center on Village Lane on Saturdays, 9am–3pm (washing machines, stoves, hot water heaters, etc.).

Athletic Shoes & "Livestrong" wristbands
Recycle your old athletic shoes at Nike stores as part of their Reuse-a-Shoe recycling program. They accept all shoe brands, but there are restrictions.

Audio Tapes/Cassettes

Automotive Fluids (except Motor Oil)
Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

Balls, Batteries, Bicycles, Binoculars, Blankets, Blue Jeans, Boats, Books, Building Materials

Donate to animal shelters; see PET SUPPLIES.

Batteries I - Non-Rechargeable: Carbon Zinc and Alkaline batteries
Dispose of in the garbage. The metals are removed and recycled at the county incinerator. Since 1993, domestically produced alkaline and carbon zinc batteries contain no added mercury and are essentially mercury-free.

Batteries II - Non-Rechargeable: Mercury Oxide - Silver Oxide - Zinc-air (button), Lithium
Recycling Program at the DPW or drop-off at drop-off at Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

Batteries - Rechargeable
When covered rechargeable batteries reach the end of their useful life, drop them at a retailer that sells them (ShopRite, Target, Home Depot, Berger Hardware, and other stores) or drop-off at Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla (also accepts button and auto batteries).

Included: nickel-cadmium, sealed lead, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, any other such dry-cell battery capable of being recharged, and battery packs containing any of the above-mentioned batteries.
Not included: Regular batteries are not included in this program.
Plus, any of the above-mentioned batteries/packs weighing 25 pounds or more; batteries used as the principal power source for a vehicle (automobile, boat, truck, tractor, golf cart, wheelchair); batteries for storage of electricity generated by an alternative power source (solar or wind-driven generators); batteries for backup are an integral component of an electronic device.

Batteries - Vehicle 
Take vehicle batteries to a retailer that sells them. State law requires such retailers to accept up to two vehicle batteries per person per month, free of charge. If a service station or retailer refuses to accept your motor oil or vehicle battery, report the facility to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Enforcement Division at (845) 256-3013. You may also bring it to the Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

Used bicycles are accepted at the Pleasantville Recycling Center on Village Lane on Saturdays, 9am–3pm (Many are scooped up by residents for reuse or repair parts.)​

PleasantvilleRecycles also collects used, old bikes once a year. Please check our Events Page for dates & times.

Donate to Optics for the Tropics. Optics for the Tropics, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity organization was formed to facilitate partnerships between research and conservation groups in the wintering and breeding grounds and provide quality optical equipment in the Caribbean and Latin America where resources are very limited.


Blue Jeans
Donate to Blue Jean Go Greeen who recycle them into insulation. Cut into squares, denim can also be used for quilting.

Mt. Pleasant Public Librarythrough the Friends of the Mt Pleasant Public Library in Pleasantville, only accepts book donations one week before their book sale. Check the FMPPL website for the book sale schedule. Books must be in clean condition.

The library CAN NOT accept

  • Text books, computer manuals, dated reference material or encyclopedias
  • Books with writing, underlining, or highlighting on the pages
  • Books that smell of smoke, mold or mildew.

Go to fmppl.org/ for more information on what is accepted. Books will be sold at the book sale, and unsold books in good condition are given to various charities at the end of the book sale, including the Purple Heart Veterans, local hospitals, etc. 

Donate to 

  • Green Drop - 660 N Broadway, White Plains (888) 944-3767 - Green Drop requires that the books (any type or condition) be in cardboard boxes with tops or closed flaps.
  • Cherry Door Thrift Shop - Hardcover only, 36 Main St, Tarrytown (631-0470)
  • Phelps Memorial Hospital - paperbacks in brand new only, 701 N. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow (366-3000)
  • Ossining Children's Center - Children's (infants - 6th grade), 90-92 S. Highland Avenue, Ossining (941-0230)
  • Neighbors Link - 27 Columbus Ave, Mt Kisco (914) 666-3410
  • The Twigs Thriftree of Northern Westchester Hospital - 449 Lexington Ave, Mount Kisco (914) 666-6557
  • Goodwill stores
  • Many organizations, such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Vietnam Veterans of America, and Big Brother Big Sister Foundation, will pick them up.
  • To send books to US troops: visit Operation Paperback and Books for Soldiers.
  • Donate your books to Books for Africa.
  • To sell and rent books, try college Book Renter, Campus Book Renter or Textbook Recycling.

Building Materials
These organizations accept a wide variety of items: