BULK METAL: Saturdays at Recycling Center

All bulk metal, for example, washing machines, stoves, hot water heaters, ironing boards, radiators, lawn mowers, etc.

PLASTIC: Fridays, Backyard pick-up

All plastics #1–7 are accepted. Labels need NOT be removed. Containers should be rinsed. Caps can stay on.

Foam plastic materials, film plastic, plastic bags (regardless of recycling number!), vinyl, other rigid containers containing hazardous materials such as motor oil containers, pesticide containers, antifreeze containers, and hard plastic toys.  Many of these items can be brought to the Household Materials Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

COMPUTER/TELEVISIONS: First Saturday of every month at the Pleasantville Recycling Center

Computer monitors and TVs, etc. Donate your computer! There are many ways to prolong the life of a computer. Refer to the EPA's brochure 
"Do the PC Thing: Donate Computers", on how to select the right recipient and on how to clear your personal data.

NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINES, OFFICE PAPER, JUNK MAIL: Thursdays at curbside (Except Holiday Weeks)

All newspapers (including only glossy inserts sold as part of the newspaper), magazines, office paper, and junk mail must be dry and free of contaminants. Place in brown paper bags, loose in a container, or in corrugated boxes (NOT bundled, NOT in plastic bags).

Books and carbon paper.​ Donate your books!

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Pick-up Finished Compost at the Village Recycling Center

Ever wonder what happens to all the leaves the village picks-up in the fall? The village turns them into "black gold"! Pleasantville residents can obtain the finished compost available from the Village Recycling Center free of charge. Bring a bucket or two and a shovel and help yourself to free compost - Saturdays 9am-3pm.

Remember: When you bag your leaves in the fall keep them free of contaminents in order to provide clean compost to our residents! Leaf mulching is another way of recycling leaves - find out more about leaf mulching.

How Can We Help?

Not sure about a holiday week pick-up or anything else?

  • Download the 2024 week-by-week recycling schedule (here)

  • Sign up for Village news emails for schedule updates

  • Call the Sanitation/Recycling Holiday Schedule hotline: 914-769-1138

  • Call the Department of Public Works (DPW): 914-769-3883

  • Email us at info@pleasantvillerecycles.org

Help Us Recycle Efficiently

Pleasantville's Department of Public Works makes every effort to pick up your curbside recycling. To allow quick and safe handling, the materials must be prepared according to certain rules. Please refer to Pleasantville Recycling Program Details for information on how to prepare your recycle for pick-up. The most common reasons recyclables are not picked up include:

  • Not properly tied

  • Not in paper biodegradable bags or refuse containers

  • Mixed with other refuse

  • Exceeds weight limits

  • Placed at curbside on the wrong pick-up day

Village Recycling Center 

​​You can also drop off your paper, glass, plastic, and bulk metal at the Recycling Center on Saturdays (9am–3pm). The center is located at 1 Village Lane.

​​CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: Thursdays at curbside (Except Holiday Weeks)

Clean, unwaxed brown corrugated cardboard containers and boxes. Please remove adhesive tapes, staples, plastic wrapping, etc., and flatten and bundle for collection.

Holiday Week Schedules
In weeks that have a holiday, routes will be pushed forward by a day, and there will by no paper/cardboard or yard waste pick-up. If a holiday falls on a Friday, bottles and cans will be picked up Thursdays, and there will be no paper/cardboard or yard waste pick-up. 

The Village can accept only the materials listed here. Refer to our A-Z List Recycling Guide for additional options. All curbside collections must be out by 7am on the day of collection or no earlier than 6pm the day prior. 

Click here for the Sanitation, Yard Waste, and Recycling Schedules (see left side quick links). 

New to Pleasantville? Call (914-769-3883) or stop by the Dept. of Public Works (1 Village Lane) to pick up a recycling bin.

Village Recycling

​CORRUGATED CARDBOARD:Thursdays at curbside (Except Holiday Weeks)

Clean, unwaxed brown corrugated cardboard containers and boxes. Please remove adhesive tapes, staples, plastic wrapping, etc., and flatten and bundle for collection.

GLASS: Fridays, Backyard pickup

Food and beverage glass jars, bottles and containers made of green, brown or clear glass, which have been rinsed clean and caps removed. Glass containers should be placed, unbroken, in the recycling receptacles for collection. Labels need NOT be removed.

Light bulbs, crystal, window and mirror glass, broken glass, ceramics, kitchenware, pesticide & herbicide bottles.

SMALL METAL CONTAINER: Fridays, Backyard pickup

All food and beverage containers made of aluminum and other materials. Aerosol cans are acceptable. Containers should be rinsed clean and placed in the recycling receptacle for collection. Labels need NOT be removed.

Building materials, hazardous materials and automobile parts, aluminium siding, paint cans, scrap metal, wire, pipes, tubing, motors, sheet metal, plastic bags, and small appliances, etc. Some of these items can be brought to the Household Materials Recovery Facility in Valhalla or check our A-Z Recycling Guides for recycling options.

YARD WASTE: All yard waste will be picked up on Thursdays at curbside (Except for Thanksgiving week)

Grass clippings, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Plants : Must be placed in paper bags or receptacles and containers not to exceed fifty (50) pounds in weight. Plastic bags are not acceptable and will not be picked up. Learn about leaf mulching and grasscycling!

Branches (less than 4 ft. length and under 6 inches in diameter), Twigs: placed curbside, tied or placed in containers. 

For more information or questions visit the Pleasantville DPW page.

Download the 2018 Sanitation and Recycling/Curbside Yard Waste Collection Schedule here.

Fall Leaves Collection: 
Leaves for the Village collection program must be raked to the area between the curb or pavement edge and property line for vacuum collection. Leaves are collected from mid-October, and the collection continues until winter weather curtails operation.