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Vehicles, Vehicle Batteries, Videotapes (VHS)


Vehicle Batteries

Videotapes (VHS)
Send to one of the following companies for reuse and/or recycling:

  • ACT- Alternative Community Training (1-800-359-4607, http://www.actrecycling.org/) also accepts audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, plastic cases, diskettes, cell phones, and pagers
  • Greendisk.com, 1-800-305-3475) for a small fee, accepts all forms of electronic media and their cases, printer cartridges, computer accessories, hard drives, Zip and Jazz drives, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, and more.

Water Filter (Brita), Wedding Dress, Wine, Wine Corks, Wood Preservatives & Stains, Wristbands

Water Filters (BRITA)

  • Brita water filters (along with other #5 plastics) can be turned into toothbrushes and razors. Drop off at Whole Foods in White Plains, (914.288.1300). 
  • Water filters can be mailed to Preserve Gimme 5, 823 NYS Rte 13, Cortland, NY 13045

Wedding Dress
Donate your wedding gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Wine Corks

  • Yemm & Hart Wine Cork Recycling - Wine and champagne corks are recycled into many products, including tiles, tack boards, award plaques, and coasters. There is no cost, other than shipping,(573-783-5434).
  • Corks can also be dropped off in many Whole Foods stores.

Wood Preservatives & Stains
Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

Yard Waste, Yogurt Containers

Yard Waste
Reduce waste by composting fallen leaves, branches and other woody material and organic wastes. It's easy to do, and information is plentiful. Start here: Westchester's Love 'Em And Leave 'Em program.

Curbside pickup on Thursday. Branches tied with biodegradable rope, grass clippings and leaves in containers or biodegradable paper bags, and fall leaves - NO plastic bags

Yogurt Containers
Yogurt containers, Brita water filters, and other #5 plastics can be turned into toothbrushes and razors. Drop off at Whole Foods in White Plains. For more information and additional drop-off locations check Preserve Gimme 5.

Curbside pick-up on Fridays. Place in recycling bin with cans and glass. Labels do not need to be removed, but containers should be rinsed. 


Telephone Books, Tires, Toiletries, Toner/Ink Cartridges, Toys (New & Used), Trophies, Trucks, T-Shirts, Tyvek Envelopes

Telephone Books

Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.
Used tires can be dropped off at Mavis Discount Tire on Marble Ave (minimal fee may apply).

Local churches need new sample-sized toiletries (along with clothing and shoes) to distribute to the in New York City on "Midnight Runs." Collections are intermittent. Call for info.

  • Emmanuel Lutheran Church (769-1559)
  • Holy Innocents Catholic Church (769-0025)
  • Pleasantville Presbyterian Church (769-0458)

Toner Cartridges

Toys (New)
Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, Westchester Medical Center. (Call Trisha Hiller, 914-493-6657)
Look for seasonal toy drives, including Toys for Tots Pleasantville (dropboxes available November and December in the village).

Toys (Used)

  • Pass along to a friend.
  • Donate to Ossining Children's Center, Neighbor's Link in Mt Kisco, Twigs thrift shop in Chappaqua, Goodwill in Croton
  • Find them a new home via The Freecycle Network.

Sell them to a children's consignment shop.

Call Big Brother Big Sister for a pickup at 963-4453 (along with books, linens, clothing, and all clothing accessories).

Lamb Awards & Engraving accepts old medals, plaques and trophies. Contact them at: internet@lambawards.com. Please include recycling in your subject line.

Many charities will accept used vehicles of all sorts. Contact your favorite charity directly for information.

Turn old t-shirts into quilts via Project Repat.

TYVEK Envelopes
Tyvek cannot be recycled with paper because it contains some plastic, but it can be recycled into a wood-substitute material or corrugated pipes for landscaping and construction (see website for more info). Up to 25 Tyvek envelopes (per month) may be stuffed into one Tyvek envelope turned inside-out, and mailed to: 

Tyvek Recycle
Attn. Shirley B. Wright
8401 Fort Darling Road
Richmond, VA 23237

Scrap Metal, Sports Equipment, Stuffed Animals, Styrofoam, Swimming Pool Chemicals

Scrap Metal

Sports Equipment

  • PleasantvilleRecycles collects used sports equipment each spring before Pleasantville Day in May (see our EVENTS page). We then give all of it away for FREE on Pleasantville Day at our booth. 
  • Let's Play it Forward accepts most sports equipment in gently used condition, except skis equipment, bowling balls & bike helmets. They pick it up if you are within a 50 mile radius from Somers, NY. Email: letsplayitforward@aol.com.

Stuffed Animals
Several organizations collect new and gently used stuffed animals for children enduring stressful or traumatic situations: Stuffed Animals For Emergencies.

Unfortunately Styrofoam—even the food containers with recycling numbers—are NOT recyclable at this time.

Swimming Pool Chemicals
Bring to Permanent Household Recovery Facility in Valhalla.

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